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I find myself sitting for many, many hours as I work on a project, and so many people ask me what I do during that time. A lot of the time I'm watching Netflix or just hanging out, but I do love listening to music too. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m not great at music. I can tell you if I like a song or not, but there’s no way I can tell you who sings it or the album or the song name. This becomes a problem when you are embroidering for hours on end and can't remember any songs you like to make a playlist.

And this is where it’s so convenient to have a sister with a music industry degree - like her literal dream job is picking the music for TV. This photo is her rocking a floral block letter sweatshirt I made her. She’s great at curating the music for really anything. Yes, she is much cooler than me, but she made me a MarMadeThat playlist, so it’s okay. 

Mar's sister sitting at USC campus wearing a hand embroidered floral block letter sweatshirt


Have a long project you need to work on? Need a little dancy happy playlist to get you through? Honestly same. 

Check it out on Spotify and Apple Music!

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