Custom Floral Block Letter Embroidery (Apparel and Hoops)

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***Please note at check out what size and color you would like for the garment, as well as any particular color scheme you'd like for the embroidery.***

Get a word or initials of your choice embroidered on a garment of your choosing!

These custom pieces are perfect for a graduation or birthday gift, and can be done in the color scheme of your choosing. Wash as you would normally wash the garment, but it will also come with a care instructions card to keep your embroidery alive and well.

If you would like to add any text to your piece, please purchase this listing and note at checkout the text you would like. 

If you chose a hoop, the embroidery will be done on a cream/white fabric backing. Size of hoop will vary depending on the number of letters you chose.

1 Letter 4" hoop

2-4 Letters 8" hoop

5-8 Letters 10" hoop

9-10 Letters 12" hoop

If you have any further questions or ideas for other customization, please feel free to reach out with any questions! I’m always thrilled to work with you to create the perfect piece on your budget! ☺

Customer Reviews

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Love love love!

Mar did an incredible job. You can tell how much talent goes into her projects and how much thought goes into the packaging. Thank you!!


Absolutely wonderful custom made sweatshirt. Perfect for the cool weather that’s just around the corner here in Vermont.


This is beautifully done! I'm in love!! :)


Literally the most perfect thing I own. So beautiful, my new favorite sweater 😍